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DotView Remote Control

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★ DotView Remote control for Samsung TVs ★DotView Infrared remote control for Samsung TVs. This application will allow you to control Samsung TVs via the Dot View™ case. The remote control will work on smartphones with built in Infrared Blaster Hardware like HTC One m8,m9,m9 plus etc. To get the most of this app you need to have a HTC device with infrared blaster built in and the HTC Dot View™ case.
★ Compatible with HTC Dot View™ case ★ Remotely controls Samsung TV's★ Heptic feedback★ Demonstrates HTC Dot View™
1.Start the App called DotView Remote Control.2.Close the HTC Dot View™ case.2.Point your Smartphone towards the target Samsung TV3.Tap on the power button to power on the unit. 4.Use the buttons to control the unit.
★ A Smartphone with a built in IR Blaster that supports the Android IR API ★ Developed specially for HTC Dot View™★ Tested on HTC One m8,m9,LG G3, LG G2 (with Android v5),Xiaomi MI4C
Please do not leave negative feedback if your smarphone does not have a built in Infrared Blaster hardware.